” Ashwini Wellness is the newest destination in Bhubaneswar for wellness of the mind and body with a focus on preventative and restorative care. This center will bring both conventional as well as alternative therapies in a comfortable, chic environment. “


Ashwini Group  experience in the healthcare sector, providing quality healthcare and valuable experience, supported by a team of compassionate and dedicated medical professionals.


Ashwini Wellness Centre (AW1) is a pilot project that aims to house several premium, health and wellness brands in one central destination.

This is a synergistic approach to build a ‘house of brands’ in the health space, with a common pharmacy business to unlock the monetization. In this document, we outline the major products and services that are envisioned for AW1, While our brands, products, and services will evolve, and we may offer more than what’s on paper here (in the long-term), this document will inform our marketing efforts in the near term.


The corporate value system at Ashwini is founded on three pillars – Service, Compassion and Integrity.

  • Care for customer
  • Respect for Associates
  • Excellence through Teamwork
  • Always Learning
  • Trust Mutually
  • Ethical Practices

The Brand

Ashwini Wellness is the largest private medical centre of Bhubaneswar and was commissioned in 2006 with an aim to provide tertiary level health care in select super-specialty branches of Medicine and Surgery. Situated at Sector 1, CDA project area, the hospital is close to the busy city centre and yet easily approachable for people through all major State roads and National Highways.

Soon it carved a niche in critical care of patients with Trauma, Neuro, Cardiac, Pulmonary and other complex medical issues.